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This School was established in the year 1938 to expand education facility in the Southern part of Solapur City. "Shri. K. N. Kulkarni", the Man of Vision has done this job at his own. A number of students from the various parts of the city, enrolled in this school and now they are holding a Very Good Position in every field of the Society. We are proud to mention that some of them are the Educationsit, some are in the Indian Army and Navy, some are Scientists and some are Doctors, Engineers and Chartered Accountants, Builders etc. Now, it is your turn to let us know about you all our Past Students, who will be in a position to enroll as Alumni.
Head Master                                                                                       Ex-Head Master  
Shri S. K. Banegaon                                                                               Shri K. K. Kulkarni
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